Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why, you might ask, do I want to talk about such a horrendous topic? Because. I am tired of hearing that I am a racist because I didn't vote for Obama. I didn't vote for him because he's a socialist. I didn't vote for Obama because there isn't one topic that we agree on. I didn't vote for Obama because I think he's a racist. Yup. I said it. In public. He is a racist. For all of you Obama sheeple, who are frothing at the mouth ready to burn my church down let me ask you something. Have you read any of the race comments in his books? Have you bothered to listen to his pastor's sermons? You know...his pastor of 20 years? I know he says he wasn't there when the racist sermons were given. Riiiiight. Was there an email that went out saying today we will be discussing the book of Matthew and those "damn white people"? So he knew not to attend? We live in the age of recording devices so why aren't people's words being played right back to them? How can our soon to be president say things will be different when his campaign called every word out of the McCain camp a racist comment or a code word for a racist comment. Can someone please show me the code book so I don't mistakenly say one of those code words? No one has brought up race except his campaign and the media on his behalf. What about the "typical white person" comment? How is that not racist? What about his racist, segregationist church? How is it okay to have black churches and schools but not white churches or schools? Riots, black panther intimidation and protests are just a few of the reactions that would happen to an all white school. I am tired of the race card being slapped down and the media then "goes fish". Why is it not reported in the news when Liberal blog sites start using the "n" word in reference to the "black" churches that voted against gay marriage? But it's all over the news when a man gives a complement to an old friend who used to be a segregationist? Why is it that Liberals can use the term "Zionist conspiracy" but Jews in the democrat party just ignore that? If a conservative dared say that they'd be out of office before you could spit. And don't think that I as a white woman have never felt the anxiety and fear that comes with having racism and fear directed at you. I was in middle school when a Hispanic student and African American student (both in my GIFTED class) slipped a drawing in my notebook. It was a skilled drawing of a Torah (Jewish bible) and outlines of people around it. Sounds beautiful right? It would have been if the Torah and people weren't burning and been surrounded by swastikas and the words "burn Jew burn". The sad thing was, these boys didn't understand what Hitler would have thought of their support. They were just parroting what they learned at home. Also, my parents were not Jewish. We come from a Jewish family through my mother but my parents are agnostic. If those boys had known that, would I have been spared the nightmares and paranoia? I doubt it. Racism is an ugly, small way of thinking. But it will never be gone if some groups get a pass on being racist. Oh and I have heard the term reverse racism. I find it condescending and a way to soften the offensive behavior. Racism is racism is racism. Racism is a disgusting belittling way of thinking that demeans the entire human race. But while we have a racist president and people are being given a pass because someone was once racist to them or even to their ancestors, it will continue to be an ugly reality of our world.


Beckie said...

Well said.

The Diva said...

Jes - I love you, but you're smarter than this.

The New Testament has several passages in particular that are incredibly damning of certain groups of people...should I, by association, assume you are as predjudiced as these passages simply because you choose to teach the Bible to your children? Certainly not.

The New Testament, for example, says that homosexuality is an "abomination." It also says that anyone that works on Sundays should be put to death. I certainly do not assume you are a homophobe because you teach the Bible in your home, and I'm fairly certain you don't seek out town stonings for your husband when he has to work on the Lord's Day.

Folding someone into the leanings of one religious zealot who preached at his church is irresponsible. And, more importantly than that - I hold you to a higher standard.

Open your heart, and judge not lest ye shall be judged. That is the true word of God.


Laugh or Weep said...

Melissa, I love you too, but you are judging me on my opinions, calling me judgemental...

I have a problem with Obama's own words coming out of HIS OWN MOUTH. You can't just call his pastor "one of the people who preached at his church". Obama himself called this man his mentor. This is the man that married Obama and Michelle. If I went to a church that preached racism and didn't leave, I would be a racist. If someone preached something like that in my church I would be out of there. He stayed for 22 years!!! Sorry, but I am only going by his own words and actions. I hold a president to higher standards. I hold our country to higher standards. I am not a racist. I don't care about his race. I care about his politics and his actions. My heart is open, Melissa and every day I pray for wisdom in our leaders. I wrote this blog because I got tired of hearing that I just was a racist for not voting for him. I guess I am too stupid to have my own opinion. Too stupid to have actual reasoning behind not voting for him. Hmmm... I judge people by their own words and actions but that makes me judgemental. But I am judged for being Conservative and Christian and that's okay... can anyone say double standard?