Saturday, October 9, 2010

It begins......

Well, my friend Laurie posted on FB a video of a YOUNG man (24 years old) who by just starting to run one day, has lost over 120 pounds. I have been looking and looking for inspiration and energy and ..... well.... this video was really inspiring.... now all I need is the energy! I mean this kid (did I mention he's YOUNG....and 24 ?) weighed way more than I do and did it just to make his Memaw happy. That is so sweet..... I, on the other hand, am thirty *COUGH* *mumble* something years old. I homeschool 3 boys all day and then my fourth (the hubby) comes home to be taken care of as well. I won't post my measurements (because even I don't want to know) but I will confess that I have gained weight since leaving TX and I'm back up to .....sigh...... 203 pounds...*cringe*! Still WAAAAAAYY under what I was when my hubby left for the Middle East in the summer of 2006. The highest I have gotten is 274 lbs. Sooooooo not going back there. ever.... My goal? I'd be happy being in the size 8 to 10 sizes. I don't need to be super skinny or to look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 (no matter how much my husband liked her arms). I want to be healthy and to enjoy long life! The problem is, when you are as unhealthy as I am, it's a viscious cycle. Your back hurts, sometimes due to weight, sometimes to injury (I'm the latter) so it hurts to workout. But working out may help the pain. It's hard to work through the pain so you stay overweight and unhealthy and with back pain. Unless you go on the workout plan that my husband did....
1) get deployed by the Army
2) get sent to the desert.
3) have nothing better to do to entertain yourself other than workout
4) have only yuck army food to eat
5) come home 67 lbs. lighter.

I don't have that option, so I guess I am stuck doing it the hard way. I'm going to have to push through the pain, the plateaus and the general suck-titude of working out. Because unlike my husband and sister-in-law, I don't have the addicted to working out mental illness (see previous blog so that makes it even more difficult. The thing that caught my attention the most about the video Laurie had on her FB page was it mentioned that this young man suffered from depression. In his he talks about it. Yet he fought through it to reach his goals and beyond! I can only hope to do the same.

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