Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sheeee's Back!

Wow.  It has been over a year since I have posted.  What has been happening? I am glad you asked! The Army moved us out of NYC to Virginia.  We now have a great home on 3+ acres and want to make a go at homesteading.....what are you doing? Stop laughing. Stop it right now! Oh get up off of the floor, you are getting all dirty. I realize that you may be thinking..."she can't handle blogging regularly, how can she handle growing food and dealing with small critters needing food and water (other than her children)?" Well, I agree.  I agree with my husband that it would be great if we could lower our produce bills (which are gigormous due to becoming avid fans of juicing), and if we could have fresh eggs.  Here is the thing.  HE WORKS! He drives an hour each way to go to work on base! So that means that I will be doing the gardening, feeding, watering, tending, herding, and egg hunting ALL ON MY OWN!!!!! I have never even managed to grow a houseplant without killing it.  I usually over water it or under water it. So YES! I do have doubts about this plan of ours, but I want to try and hopefully, I can get some help from my sons.  Oh STOP IT! You are getting dirty on the floor again! Your stomach is going to hurt if you keep laughing like this. I'm ignoring this childish behavior! So, to start, we need fencing.  A LOT of fencing.  Our plan is raised garden beds, chickens, rabbits and even possibly goats.  Right now I am doing a lot of reading.  I have about 12 homesteading and hobby farming books checked out from the library.  I hope they inspire me about how to kick start this adventure.  Hope you join me for it!

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