Tuesday, October 21, 2008



All resemblance to any living people or current event is probably only somewhat realistic. I have an uncontrollable imagination and my mind has a tendency to exaggerate events, emotions and add to statements. I am not out to upset anyone or hurt their feelings, but this blog is to vent my feelings and thoughts and therefore will probably be very subjective. Apologies will probably be issued randomly.

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Anonymous said...

This is hysterical

I love your writing

Who says there is anything wrong with you just the way you are? You aren't nearly as big as you say and all those skinny people are self conscious and think they aren't good enough either. They are jealous of your kids and husband and no telling what else and they are afraid when they see you judging them with your eyes...so peace out and enjoy the endorphins you get after working up a big sweat. Consider it another day of torture just so you can let your family live....they are easy by comparison right??????

PS The top heavy are "plastique"