Monday, October 27, 2008

Who taught him that?

Who taught him that? is a question my husband and I spend a lot of time asking each other. With 3 boys you'd think the "him" would vary but it is usually Zacky, the baby of the family. Tonight for instance. We are at a pack meeting of our cub scout pack. Two boys in 2 different dens is pretty intense sometimes. Can't wait until I have 3 boys in 3 different dens two years from now (insert an extremely sarcastic tone with a crazed look on my face here). So our darling Zacky is livid that he isn't a scout like his brothers. He constantly asks us where is his uniform, when does he have a den meeting, etc. We have told him he is the pack mascot and bought him a "Little Scout Buddy" t-shirt. He gave us his "I am not falling for it, Mom and Dad" look and still bugs us about it. His brother Zander earned his bobcat badge and received it tonight. Z thought it would be a good idea to let Zacky hold it. Not so much. No, he got ticked when I put it in my purse and said "Mom I want my badge!" I made the huge mistake of correcting his misconception and told him it was Zander's badge. The rest of the night was "I want a badge! Where is my badge?! Why don't I get a badge?!" Reading this makes it seem so calm. If I could put the whining tone of voice in here so you could experience his dulcet tones, I would. It's the whine that can shatter glass and sanity in one small cute package. It makes my eyebrow twitch and blood pressure rise. Our pack leader, Leader Bob, called Zacky up to the front of the meeting, calling for his mascot. Leader Bob wanted to show off Zack's shirt and said take off your jacket and show them your Scout Buddy shirt. My 4 year old son proceeds to remove his jacket with a flourish and a "ta da!" that would have done a Broadway performer proud. Who taught him that? My comedian showman father? Possibly. Playhouse Disney? I hope not.. For all I know it could have been one of our many teenage babysitters. I used to have my boys jump up after they fell and say "ta da!" because it would distract them from crying. Zack never did that. He would have nothing to do with it. He would just get up and run to catch up with his brothers. But it was never the arms out, look at me world "ta da!" that he did tonight! As our most challenging, strong willed child that will make you shake your head, I know most of my posts will probably be about him. Hopefully it will be more of the bemused head shake than the "oh my gosh he isn't going to live to be a first grader!" head shake. I have a plan for the whole badge controversy. I need to go find a biker leather store that sells the badges that bikers like to put on their jackets or vests. I will find a badge for him there. (Don't ask me how I know so much about biker leather clothing stores. That's a story for another day). But I still want to know who taught him that.

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Beckie said...

Maybe he was watching you stamp....? LOL