Friday, March 6, 2009

Gotta boast about the Pinewood Derby!

With the army keeping my husband hostage in the office, he had to work on the derby cars in fits and starts. He not only finished them but made an extra for a boy in the Tiger den who didn't have anyone to make one for him. Our Tiger cub got first place and the second car made for a boy in the Tiger den got second place. Our Bear cub got third place and our 4 year old got first place in the siblings race.

Our Bear cub's car came out looking like a long pick up truck and he painted the whole thing himself.

Our Tiger cub's car was painted like a shark. He did all of it except the teeth. I did those.

Our 4 year old's car was painted white by daddy and he did the blue splotches. "Stripes mama, those are stripes".

The 4th car done for the other Tiger cub came out long and rectangular and so I painted it like a school bus. He loved it and it got voted 2nd best in the creative car category. He was so proud of both of his trophies!

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