Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ok. I call a friend of mine "Slacker" but I most certainly have earned the title. Summer is here and tomorrow is the last day of my big kids' school. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I love my kids but we get along better when someone else is in charge of their day to day entertainment! My oldest is a wonderful, artistic, sensitive little man. But when he spends time with his brothers he turns into an impatient, bullying, snothead! My middle child is the epitome of middle children! He is affectionate, loving, needy, and clingy. He turns into a bully and a mega whiner when he's around his brothers for too much time. The "baby who no longer is one" is a maniac. He is hyper, fearless, whiny, and a mega troublemaker! And I have all summer with them!!! I will be signing them up for EVERY SINGLE vacation bible school in the local area! I do also have pool, library and museum plans. Hopefully we will all survive. I can now stop wearing my tendonitis wrist braces so hopefully I will be online more often. God bless all!

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