Sunday, September 5, 2010


Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Woke up and got ready to go to church this morning when the boys came bursting into the apartment (they had been walking the dog) saying "It's COLD outside Mom!". I was skeptical, but I have to say once we left the apartment for church, it was rather cool outside!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cool weather! It has been in the 80's for a couple of weeks and while it's cooler than the 90 degree days we had been suffering through, it hasn't felt like fall until today. I kept thinking that it's just an effect of Hurricane Earl's passage and it'll get very hot again this afternoon, but no, it didn't! It was nice and still warm enough to bring the boys to the pool! One of the pluses of moving to the North East of our country is that I will finally be able to have four seasons!!!! Having grown up in South Florida and spent my adult life in Central Florida the seasons are one of the positives of moving to NY. When my husband and I took the dog for an evening walk, even the air smelled different! The leaves haven't changed, not yet. I can almost picture God walking over to a big knob on the wall with all four seasons around it (kind of like an old oven settings dial) and he chose today to turn that dial to the picture of Autumn with a picture of beautiful orange and red leaves falling off of a huge tree. Hope the leaves start changing colors soon!

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Denise P said...

One of the things I missed most (besides the boardwalk) from NJ is autumn. The rich and vibrant colors of the leaves changing is so breathtaking. Enjoy those cooler days (anxiously awaiting some down here) Hugs!